Franz Forster 
I was referred to Dr. Stiff by my dermatologist who said it was worth the drive across town because he is the best. Having now had a basil cell carcinoma removed, I fully agree. At age 77, I've had many procedures of all types. Dr. Stiff has, without question, the best bedside manner. In his friendly, caring way, he takes time to fully explain what the condition is, what he will do about it and what results one can expect, both during healing and ultimate outcome. At the follow-up visit, he revisits the results, expectations and, importantly, prevention of reoccurrence. In addition to being an excellent surgeon, he is a great teacher. He does this in a friendly, thorough way. He is a busy man but when he is with you, he makes you feel you are the most important person in his day and he'll take whatever time needed to address any questions and concerns.
Dale Coon 
Dr Stiff has successfully handled two surgeries. Like many other reviews, I am totally satisfied with the results. Dr Stiff embodies what every surgeon should be. He is very compassionate and spends as much time as you want to thoroughly explain what to expect before and after surgery.
C. Wes Duncan 
Dr. Stiff has an excellent manner with his patients. He makes you feel comfortable and keeps you well informed. I would go so far as saying that he is one of the best doctors I've had. His staff is warm and courteous. I would recommend highly recommend Dr. Stiff to anyone requiring Mohs surgery.
I was referred to Dr. Stiff by another surgeon I was friends with who mentioned he was the best in the area for what he does. I was anxious to see but I was very impressed with how knowledgeable he was and how much time he spent explaining things so I could understand. I would recommend Dr. Stiff to anyone who wants a fair time spent with you versus getting rushed in and out. I feel he genuinely cares.
Gary Smith 
Last Thursday and Monday of this week I had two surgical sessions with Dr. Stiff and his staff. The entire office was wonderful and extremely compassionate towards me. They answered all of my questions, explained the entire process, educated me on preventive measures and changes in lifestyle and provided me with the steps to the fastest recovery. They made an appointment for me on the following day with a reconstructive plastic surgeon that they recommended and I couldn't be happier with him and the next step in my recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Stiff's office. Anyone would be in extremely good hands should you ever find yourself needing their services!