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Mohs Reconstruction Southfield MI

Mohs micrographic surgery has come to be known as the single most effective technique for removing the two most common forms of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. It spares the greatest amount of healthy tissue while almost completely removing cancer cells. However, it can leave a disfiguring hole in your face because of the tissue loss. This is where Mohs reconstruction comes in. Facial plastic surgeons are often asked to repair defects caused by Mohs surgery. Dr. Stiff of the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan can repair Mohs defects with Mohs reconstruction. He is highly qualified, having completed three years of intensive surgical training with an emphasis on plastic surgery at the Akron General Medical Center. He also worked under Dr. Mohs himself during his fellowship training at the University of Wisconsin. Mohs reconstruction boasts quick resolution and rapid recovery. Several sessions may be required in order to repair the tissue, but once the process is complete, the road to recovery is speedy. Depending on the size of the wound, we may allow it to heal on its own or it may require surgical repair. Whatever is needed, the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan is prepared to determine the best method of treatment. There is no need to consult with a cosmetic surgeon before or after your surgery. At the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan in Southfield, you can get your skin cancer treatment and reconstruction all in the same place and by the same doctor! Facial defects as a result of Mohs surgery can be psychologically trying. Everyone wants to look their best, especially after undergoing cancer treatment. With Mohs reconstruction, your face can be restored to normal, and you will have confidence in your appearance again. You will rest easy knowing that you are being treated by a compassionate, highly trained, highly certified staff. You will feel comfortable at our office as our staff ease your worries about your treatment and reconstruction. Once your treatment and reconstruction are complete, we will educate you on methods to avoid getting skin cancer in the future. We advocate for monthly self examinations to keep an eye on your skin for further abnormalities. Skin cancer that is caught early is more treatable than if left alone for too long. Mohs surgery involves taking away skin layer by layer and peering at it under a microscope. If there are cancer cells in the layer, another layer is removed. If no cancer cells are present, the surgery is complete. Mohs reconstruction can often be done in the same day as Mohs surgery, but may require multiple sessions for the best results.

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